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Why plastic bag bans, now outlawed in Ohio, are such a bad idea

Jun 09, 2023

Ohioans are already facing near-record prices at the grocery store. Forcing them to pay a new bag fee or to purchase imported, reusable stitched handle bags for an extra dollar or two just doesn't make sense.

Ohio's last two-year budget made permanent a law to prohibit localities not just from taxing bags but also ensuring that businesses can use whatever products are best for their customers. Local bans violate this law and are detrimental to both consumers and small businesses.

Moreover, banning products like bags, straws, or cups won't address emissions. It won't address waste, and it won't address pollution. If anything, bans could be worse for our environment.

We’ve seen how this pushes up prices, such as at a grocery store in South Carolina that estimated a quarter-million-dollar cost to switch to alternative bags, costs which will be passed on to families.

Communities concerned about sustainability can and should focus on litter problems. Enforcing litter ordinances and educating consumers about how to recycle bags is a good place to start.

Product bans are not a good idea, and that's why state law ensures stores can offer shoppers whatever kind of bag, cup, or straw they’d like.

Steve Demetriou,

Chagrin Falls

State Rep. Steve Demetrious represents the 35th Ohio House District in Columbus.

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