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Under $20: Clever Fridge Organizers Inspired by Kris Jenner

May 06, 2023

The most chaotic place in the kitchen just may be … dun dun dun … the freezer. It's so easy for things to get lost in there, only to resurface as a crusty, freezer-burned surprise months (years?) later when you’re digging around for frozen bluebs to put in your smoothie.

And the fridge is a close second.

While revisiting our tour of Kris's i m p e c c a b l e fridges and freezer, we noticed that she uses a clever tool to help keep things organized: a clear turntable.

See it? Keeping all those frozen treats in line?

Sure, we’re aware that a turntable is a great way to organize a countertop, pantry, or even a bathroom. But a freezer? Never crossed our minds.

Naturally, we had to take a closer look at her fridge as well. She utilizes clear storage containers—large, open ones for fresh greens and herbs and small ones with bamboo lids for items like berries.

The key here is to use clear containers, so you can see everything at a glance. This makes it easier to remember what you actually have in your fridge, so nothing gets forgotten (sludge-y romaine is not the vibe). And with the turntables, spinning them around to get what you need is a major plus.

Plus, it all just looks so chic.

Fortunately, these don't have to cost a ton. In fact, we found several highly-rated turntables and containers for $20 or less. Shop them below, and we can all come one step closer to a Kris-inspired fridge and freezer.


Store those fresh berries in style.

Crate & Barrel is a surprising goldmine of affordable, bamboo-lidded storage. (Srsly tho, look at all these.)

Major bonus: the leakproof bamboo lids can double as a cutting board.

The middle divider makes it convenient to store two different types of items.

A pair of nestable bins for smaller groceries.

Perfect for tall produce, like romaine.

Not into bins? Try this transparent, 36-ounce silicone bag that stands up on its own.

Another stellar stand-up bag option.

The LBD of organizers: reliable and versatile.


Spin me right ‘round, baby!

Two words: Removable. Dividers.

Two is better than one.

Another option with removable bins.

A real "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" moment.

Obsessed with how tall the sides are on this one.

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