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Discard Unwanted Dryer Lint Using One Genius Tissue Box Hack

Apr 04, 2023

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Laundry rooms are sometimes too small to fit a trash can, but running to another room to dispose of lint every time you finish drying a load is annoying. This TikTok hack has the perfect solution for a small, temporary trash can to hold all of that lint. Instead of getting rid of the box the next time you finish a pack of tissues, stick it in your laundry room. You can put your dryer lint in it, and when it fills up you can either throw away the whole thing or simply empty it out and use the box again.

This hack, posted by @jillcomesclean on TikTok, will make doing laundry in a small area a little easier. The video also recommends putting the tissue box into a decorative covering, like this one from Amazon. Now, your miniature trash bin can hold your lint and you'll have a place to set something, like a box of dryer sheets, on top of, too.

One of the best laundry hacks! ⠀ Use a tissue box for lint then toss the lint or reuse. Here are some ways to recycle lint: - Use as mulch for potted plants (unless drier sheets are used) - Fire pits or fireplace as a starter - Add to compost (if it's lint from natural fibers it will decompose) - Line the bottom of plant pots to prevent leaks and to hold moisture in for the plant. - Use as stuffing for craft projects - Packing material - Bedding for small animals like Hamsters (is avoid if using dryer sheets) ⠀ Laundry day just got more fun! ⠀ #laundryroom #lifehack #lifehacks #laundrytime #laundrytips #laundryday

If you don't want to throw away your unwanted dryer lint, you can save it to use for several different purposes. For example, rather than sending the lint off to a landfill, you can make fire starters with it for the next time you go camping. Since lint is extremely flammable, which is why it is important to clean your dryer vent, it works wonderfully to get a fire going. Simply stuff the lint into an empty cardboard toilet paper roll, and place it next to the kindling for your fire.

Lint can also be composted if it's made up of natural fibers, like cotton, and if you don't use dryer sheets. And while lint that comes from synthetic fibers can't be composted, it can still be useful in your garden. By lining the bottom of your garden pots with lint, you can help keep the roots of your plant moist.

While tissue boxes are great to store unwanted dryer lint for a while, you may want something you can reuse for a long time without it wearing out. Luckily, there are tons of cute lint storage containers for sale, like this magnetic bin from Amazon. If you want a reusable plastic container that's less expensive, you could use an old food storage container or pick up a small basket or a drawer organizer from stores like Dollar Tree.

If you do a lot of laundry, you could use a bigger tissue box rather than the small, square ones. This hack will also work with any small box, like an empty laundry detergent pod container, that will easily fit on a shelf near your washer and dryer. You can also use it for any trash you find, like receipts or gum wrappers, in the pockets of your clothes before you wash them.