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Binganizer storage box organizers

Dec 13, 2023

11:58 am May 23, 2023 By Julian Horsey

If your storage bins from IKEA or similar fabric cubes could do with a little more internal organizing. You might be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign for Binganizer an innovative storage box organizer. Specifically designed to clip onto fabric or perhaps plastic storage boxes the modular components provide extra storage up the side walls of the containers. "This evolutionary organizer can unlock the full potential of your everyday storage bins. Remove and organize visual clutter."

With three different designs available you can make sure you get the exact modules specific to your needs whether it be for art materials, electronics or tools. The storage panels can be attached either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs providing versatile options for all your storage needs. Early bird contribution levels are now available for the modern project from roughly $14 or £12 (depending on current exchange rates).

"We all use cube shelving to store our items. But here is the problem, bins for these shelving can only store the things you need, but they don't organize things the way you want. Those bins are like black-holes. Once you put things in there, you won't see them again. If you use the shelves without the bins, the shelves will eventually turn into a big shelf of mess. There was no a win-win solution……until Now."

"Visual clutter can make any space feel messy and unorganized. This is why we invented BINGANIZER. These evolutionary organizers are customizable and simple storage solutions for your items in bins, shelves, and more. It helps you to organize your cables so they do not tangle in the bin. You can also use it to organize your remotes so you can spot them easily. With our innovative solution, BINGANIZER will turn your bins into true organizers."

Assuming that the Binganizer funding campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around October 2023. To learn more about the Binganizer storage box organization panels project explore the promotional video below.

"BINGANIZER not only helps you organize your items. It also helps you utilize the unusable space. BINGANIZER can maximize your bin and shelf storage capacity while keeping things organized. It sure can unlock the potential of your bins. You don't have to be Marie Kondo to tidy things up. BINGANIZER will help you get there. Say goodbye to cluttered bins and messy shelves. Say hi to endless solutions."

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, extra media and more features for the storage box organization panels, jump over to the official Binganizer crowd funding campaign page by visiting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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Binganizer storage box organizer.