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Pride Parade Beer returns to Our Town Brewery

Aug 06, 2023

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LANCASTER, Pa. — Pride Parade Beer returns to Our Town Brewery in Lancaster after a successful launch last June.

"It's a perfect summer beer," said Lancaster Pride Festival director, Craig Kazda. "That's the key, finding that perfect summer beer everyone can jam on."

Our Town Brewery's co-founder, Rob Tarves, says this light-bodied IPA is a crowd-pleaser.

"It was really fun to create something that's fruited, but the raspberry makes it slightly more tart," said Tarves. "So we tried to make something really light and refreshing while hitting for this time of year, too."

The idea for the beer started brewing when Kazda stopped by the brewery to hang posters last year. The rest is history—they came up with the concept and idea that same day.

And you can feel good about enjoying the pink drink, with $1 from each brew going to Lancaster Pride.

Organizers say donations will go toward raising awareness and help fund the upcoming Lancaster Pride Festival held June 17.

But Kazda says the impact of this partnership will be felt far beyond June.

"Having these partners throughout the community as allies not only helps us strengthen the queer community, it helps us provide allies to ensure our rights are safe," said Kazda. "And that we feel safe living in these communities."

Tarves says it was a no-brainer for his brewery to get behind the idea. It aligns with his slogan, "A brewery for everyone."

"It's something we believe in and a space we just want everyone to feel comfortable being in," said Tarves. "So as far as allyship, that was really important."

The Pride Parade release party was on June 2. Staff expect it to be on tap all month long.

You can also find the brew at the Marriott, Tellus360, Zoetropolis, Shot and Bottle, Per Diem and The Fridge.

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