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Oyster Fest Resorts to Plastic Cups After Snafu

Aug 21, 2023

Press release from Arcata Main Street:

Every year, the team at Arcata Main Street strives to put on the best Oyster Festival possible. As members of this community, we know and understand how deep these roots go and how important this event is for our City.

This year, to be as zero waste as possible, the Arcata Main Street team purchased aluminum cups instead of the traditional steel cups that we all know from Oyster Festivals past. We decided that this option would be better as these cups are 100% recyclable and made from post-consumer aluminum. We are also aware that people have many past festival cups taking up space in their cupboards and pantries.

Due to supply chain and customs issues, these cups will not be arriving in time for the festival on June 10th. We only learned how dire the situation was on Monday, and have quite literally done everything in our power in an attempt to make these cups show up on time. It's simply not going to happen. Needless to say, the team over here at Arcata Main Street is extremely disappointed with this situation, but the show must go on.

We have a contingency plan that was approved in conjunction with Arcata City officials. Since our county is unable to process bio-plastics, we will be purchasing plastic cups locally to be used at the Oyster Fest on June 10th. This is obviously not the situation we wanted to be in, however we do have plans to mitigate the waste and make sure all the plastic is collected, sorted, and sent to the appropriate recycling facilities. Zero Waste Humboldt is handling refuse and compost collection and we do not expect the festival operations to be impacted by this development.

The only plastic that is being used at the festival will be the beer cups. Our amazing food vendors have gone above and beyond and removed all plastic from their operations for Oyster Fest and we couldn't be more appreciative.

We encourage everyone to bring an Oyster Festival Cup from previous years, or any non-glass

pint-sized cup, to keep our plastic consumption as low as possible. We will be honoring the

$0.25 refund on purchases to anyone who brings a reusable cup to the festival.

We appreciate your understanding and we thank our entire business community for their support.

Keep on shuckin’ Humboldt!

Press release from Arcata Main Street: