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Organizer Raychel Klein of RayBayBay shares decluttering tips

Mar 24, 2023

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SEATTLE — According to VeryWell Mind, clutter can increase stress levels, make it difficult to focus, take a toll on relationships, and more. Even the thought of tackling the mess can feel overwhelming.

There is no one better to turn to for tips on decluttering your home than Seattle-based professional organizer and RayBayBay founder Raychel Klein. Klein is a certified KonMari consultant who brings a practical approach to organizing and helping everyday people create order and maintain a tidy home.

Klein shares five ways you can tackle clutter in the common areas of your home.

Before emptying all the contents of your closet onto your bed, start with a drawer. Remove the items, and edit before you put them back in. Make sure each item has a purpose. Then begin organizing by category: clothes, books, paper, komono (aka miscellaneous items) and sentimental objects.

Once you determine which items need to stay in the drawer, figure out the best way to store the items, whether that's using dividers or smaller containers.

Once you've edited your closet or dresser drawers, Klein recommends folding and filing your clothes so you can see what each item is and fit more in the space.

Klein recommends using the following folding method: Fold in the sides of the item, like a t-shirt. Then fold it in half length-wise and fold it in half again. File it in a drawer or storage box so it stands on its side.

To keep games and toys orderly, Klein recommends ditching the original packaging and putting items in zippered pouches. It saves space and prevents frustration from trying to get pieces to fit back in the packaging - like a board game with 12 different specifically-sized compartments.

The easiest area to hit in your office is cord control. Klein urges people to take 30 seconds to put cords away once they're done using them, and it will help keep the space tidy. Klein likes using a cord organizer to separate out items like phone chargers and headphones and keep them from getting tangled.

Lastly, if you find that you can't be bothered and would rather wake up with everything magically edited and in a designated place, that's when it's time to call a professional. A pro can take the emotion and stress out of the process with a pragmatic approach and efficient execution.

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