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AZ Wilderness Partners With Equality Maricopa to Make Arizona's First LGBT License Plate a Reality

Mar 20, 2023

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. announced the launch of Prism, a prickly pear lager that will raise funds to create Arizona's first LGBTQIA+ license plate.

The beer is being released in collaboration with Equality Maricopa, a resource group that supports LGBTQIA+ students and employees of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges across the Valley. Last year, Equality Maricopa began the push for Arizona to create a specialty license plate, proceeds from which would fund the PRISM Scholarship—a scholarship for LGBTQIA+ students—in perpetuity. If the license plate is adopted, Arizona will become one of the first states with an LGBTQIA+-themed license plate design.

To get the license plate produced, the organization needs to provide the state with $32,000, and they’re over halfway toward that goal. A percentage of the sales of Prism (the beer) will be donated to help them get the rest of the way.

Speaking of the beer: Named for the PRISM Scholarship, Prism is a delightfully fruit-forward lager brewed with Arizona-grown prickly pear. The label on each can includes an illustration of the proposed design of the license plate. Each can also includes a QR code with a link to make a direct donation to the PRISM Scholarship fund.

To celebrate the beer's launch, Equality Maricopa will be hosting a happy hour at Arizona Wilderness’ DTPHX beer garden from 4-8 p.m. Saturday, June 10. A dollar from every pint of beer sold during the event will be donated to the license plate creation fund.

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